Welcome to the home of the Pawleys.
As I grew up, people would often comment on how unusual my family name was.
I became used to always having to spell it and would tire at school as my classmates (and my local doctor) would ask "are you feeling poorly"! As I have got older, I realise it's fun to have a more unusual name.
Now, the advent of the web presents us with the capability of linking together our respective family histories and the opportunity to trace back to where it all began.
We hope you find this site interesting, enjoy sharing it with your family and that you join us in researching the roots of the Pawley family.

April 2004 - Unfortunately, everyone.net that used to run our chat room and in which many of you left your Pawley family tree information stopped running their plug-in chats (without advising that they were dropping the service!). Consequently, we have lost all the great postings.

However, I am now going to take the opportunity to re-design and relaunch the site. So if you have any great Pawley information that you would like included, please drop me an e-mail. Otherwise, please check back soon.

Thanks for all your support!



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Every few months we feature a member of the Pawley family drawn from around the Globe
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Our plan is to eventually launch an extended Pawley family tree.
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Whilst this in development, we have linked up with our friends at Ancestry.com
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