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It's unique and e-mail address based solely upon your name makes it easy for friends and contacts to remember.
It's permanent and can keep the same address should you change Internet Service Provider, employer or country.
It's private....Family members can have their own address, you just advise us of where you want us to route the mail....and we do not disclose your details to anyone.
It's easy....just click below and apply.
Above's fun.

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How does it work?

Just advise us of the e-mail account you want your mail forwarded to.
You can use a home, office or web-mail address.
We then point to that account and any mail is then instantaneously forwarded to your e-mail's that simple!!!


At present, you are probably using the e-mail address provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or are giving out your work e-mail address to friends and contacts. many times over the next few years either might change.
Imagine then...the hastle of trying to remember who you need to advise!

Now, with this service, you no longer need to worry...
you just advise us and we simply point address to your new e-mail account.
Your friends won't even need to know that your actual receiving account has changed!!

Or are going on vacation...
simply open a free web-mail account at EzPzmail, hotmail etc...
advise us of the address...and we will forward your mail to that account for the duration of your you can stay in touch any computer at your hotel or an internet cafe... it's so EzPz!

How many of you use your work e-mail address for personal mail...?
Now you can point at that account and
easily differentiate your business and personal mail.
....and when you change employer, let us know, and we will automatically redirect your e-mail to your new address.

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What does it cost?

Try it FREE for one month and see how simple, safe and quick it is to use...
and how envious your friends and family are!!

After your first month, it will cost you just £10 per year
and just £5 each time you want us to change your receiving e-mail address.

That's other hidden costs!

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5-for-4 Special Offer!!

Get five separate addresses for just £40 per year!
Get one for each member of the family or just five fun ones for yourself.

Each can be directed to a separate e-mail account or all to the same account.

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is taken by somebody else!!!

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