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Who are we...? (Top of Page)
zPzworld is a rapidly growing internet company that specialises in creating family communities on the web using the more unusual surnames that exist.
Our aim is to make each community a fun place to come and discover and share facts about your name and those you share it with around the globe.

What services do we offer...? (Top of Page)
For our larger communities we aim to build up a list of fun facts about the name, a hall of fame, Private and open chat facilities to share stories with namesakes, Nominated individual of the month, contact database and, eventually, on-line geneology software to trace the roots of the family.

We also offer unique, private, permanent, memorable and portable e-mail addresses based upon your family name. For example, David Lewthwaite could have an e-mail address of Dave@Lewthwaite.com or David@Lewthwaite.com (or both). Being able to have your own personal e-mail address, independent of the name of your Internet Service Provider or company e-mail makes this service unique and appealing to anyone on the net.

Where there is insufficient potential members to create a larger community, we create a smaller community that includes a family chat facility, contact e-mail and a facility to easily create up to 50 separate e-mail addresses and then offer it for auction to all those that share the family name. The successful bidder then owns the domain and can run the community site or do with it what they wish.

How can we be contacted...?(Top of Page)
The quickest was to contact us is to e-mail us at Webmaster@Ezpzworld.com.

Alternatively, you can fax us in the UK (country code 44) at (0)7050 600163 or write to..
34 Northend

What is an internet domain or address?(Top of Page)
An internet domain name or address is simply a unique name that identifies a particular site or address on the web. Each domain name has two parts, separated by the dot. The right-hand part is the generic identifier for the type of domain...we only use the most widely known, which is ".com". The left-hand part specifies the family, business, organisation or topic.

In addition, you can then add any number of extensions (known as sub-domains) to the name by adding a word and an "@" before the domain name. Each then creates a unique address on the web.

How can you own my family name?(Top of Page)
We have registered the family domains for the enjoyment and fun of our clients. Given all the associated costs, the majority of people do not want a domain name for themselves and are more than happy to share with others.

You should still able to register yourfirstname@yourfamilyname.com as your own unique e-mail address with us, which is the service that most peoplw want with a domain. By sharing the costs of ownership with others...you now get it for less!!

For those were the potential community is much smaller, we have built small community sites and are then selling those to potential interested parties so that they can quickly and easily gain a place on the web and also attract the attention of other members of their extended global "family".

If I register, will you share my details with others...?(Top of Page)
NO...we do not share, sell or distribute our clients' information to others

What does it cost?(Top of Page)
Access to our larger communities is absolutely free...they are there to share information about the "global" family sharing the same name. The personalised e-mail service can also be tried, for free, for one month...after that we charge £10 per year for the service. In addition, we charge you £5 should you wish to change the receiving e-mail account address...to cover our administrative costs.

That's it no other hidden costs...!

Our smaller communities are developed and then overall ownership of the domain is auctioned off. The purchase price includes a free-hosted community site, comprising a chat room, e-mail contact and a simple to use facility allowing the creation of up to 50 unique e-mail addresses based upon the family name. In addition, the new owners will need to pay an annual registration fee to ICANN of approximately £15-£20 each year and should they wish to create and host their own web-page, there may be additional hosting charges from whoever they host it with.

How can I pay?(Top of Page)
We accept payment by cheque drawn upon any UK bank or an international sterling travellers cheque (American Express, Visa etc).

We hope to have a secure on-line credit card facility established in the near future.

How long does it take to set-up the e-mail address...?(Top of Page)
It takes you just a few minutes to complete the order form on-line. We then set up your unique myfirstname@yourfamilyname.com e-mail address and advise you when it is available. This normally takes 24 hours for the servers to update and re-configure the address.

How do I renew my subscription for an e-mail address...?(Top of Page)
We will contact you when your first year comes to an end...if you would like to continue, you simply send us another year's subscription...it's that EzPz!

Can I get a refund?(Top of Page)
We will refund the cost of the e-mail service on a time-proportioned basis...For example, if you have used the service for six months...we will refund half the annual cost.

We hope, however, that any problem or concern can be rectified...but we also recognise that there may be technical or other problems that prevent full usage of our service in certain circumstances.

I have another question, you have not answered...!(Top of Page)
Send it to us...and we'll get back as soon as we can...More Questions...!




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