as an e-mail address....


Imagine....we offer as an e-mail forwarding address....each of which can be pointed to a separate e-mail account that you nominate (and can change by letting us know).

Thus dad ( might want his e-mail address pointed to his work e-mail account, whilst mum ( and the children ( & might want theirs pointed to the existing family e-mail account at Freeserve, Tesco, BT etc. Grandma ( and Grandpa ( might want theirs forwarded to their existing e-mail account.....NOT a problem!

....and imagine how easy it is for friends to then remember your e-mail address...they just need to remember your name!

....or imagine you are then going off on simply change the forwarding address to point at a free web-mail account (like hotmail or EzPzmail) and then access it from any PC with internet access.

...and imagine, if you change your e-mail account, job, country or your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you simply ask us to point your addresses at the new more worrying about who you need to advise....your friends won't need to know!!

It really is EzPz!

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